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Anesthesia and surgery for your pet.

Why choose Adams County Animal Hospital?

When your pet needs medical attention and/or surgery, the veterinarian staff  at Adams County Animal Hospital understand that your pet’s health and safety is a priority. Here at ACAH, we have set forth high standards and use the most effective and up-to-date protocols and equipment. Even among Arvada veterinarians, hospital policies and protocols vary. We have a variety of protocols and your veterinarian will discuss your pet’s health and age to determine the best and safest anesthetic protocol for your pet.

What makes Adams County Animal Hospital different?

At ACAH, we require pre-anesthetic blood testing on all pets before any general anesthesia procedure. There are several different types of blood tests that may be recommended. The doctor will recommend a blood test based off your pet’s age and health. All of our patients receive an IV catheter and fluids during during surgery. A veterinary technician continually monitors and assesses your pet’s vital signs. Vital signs are heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen level, and electrical current of the heart. This aides in lowering anesthetic risk, helps provides a smooth anesthesia and recovery. The doctors and veterinary technicians also monitor/asses pain and discomfort after surgery and will make sure your pet will rest safely and comfortably.


Dog with ecollar after surgery

ACAH will treat your pet like they are our own, because our clients are our family! The veterinarian staff is always more then happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s medical/surgical procedure.

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