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Can not spaying my dog make her sick?

As a pet owner, having the right information makes it easier to decide what is right for your pet. Spaying your pet not only helps with population but it also has health benefits. It is sometimes not the easiest decision on if you should have your pet fixed. The pro’s for fixing your pet far out weighs the con’s.

Why should I spay my dog?

There are behavioral, physical, and financial advantages to spaying your dog.

What are the behavioral advantages to spaying dogs?

Most intact female dogs will act like spayed dogs until the heat cycle starts, which is every 6-8 months. At this time, their behavior can change. An intact dog that is normally docile and sweet may become unpredictable and erratic in behavior. Intact females may also become more aggressive even if they have never been aggressive before. This may pose a risk to people and animals that come into contact with them.

There are health risks with not spaying my dog?

The two main health risks seen due to not spaying dogs are cancer and pyometras. Mammary cancer and ovarian cancer are the two main cancers seen in intact female dogs. After the first heat cycle, the chance of mammary cancer increases to 7%. After the second heat cycle, that risk of mammary cancer jumps over 25%. Fifty percent of mammary cancer is malignant meaning that the cancer has a greater risk of spreading and can cause death. The chance of ovarian cancer also increases with intact dogs over the age of two years.


Drawing of a pyometra

The other serious disease we see in intact female dogs is called a pyometra. A pyometra is an infection in the uterus and is a secondary infection due to hormonal changes in the reproductive tract. This disease is considered serious and life threatening and must be treated quickly and aggressively.

Treating diseases due to not spaying?

Cancer treatment may require surgical removal of the cancer tumors or areas affected by the cancer if possible. Chemotherapy may also be recommended depending on the type of cancer and the location. Pyometras also require surgical removal of the infected uterus. This surgery is very delicate as not to rupture the uterus and resulting in bacteria infecting the abdominal cavity. Pyometras also cause the body to go into shock and become septic. Intravenous fluids, heavy duty antibiotics, blood work, and other supportive care are also needed in treatment of a pyometra.


Surgical removal of a canine pyo




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