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Parasite under my pet’s skin? What Adams County Animal Hospital Wants you to know.

Adams County Animal Hospital, a trusted Arvada Veterinarian for over fifty years,  has seen an increase in the number of patients presenting with cuterebra infestation.  The veterinarian staff wants to make sure that owners know the signs and what to do if they think their pet may have a cuterebra under the skin. Although many clients call with questions after examining a lump only to find there was something in the lump,  this is not recommended.

Fly Bot/Cuterebra

The most common mistake we seen is owners pinching or squeezing the lump/site. This may actually cause more damage by rupturing the parasite, causing infection or a toxic reaction at the site. It is important to remove the parasite whole. Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet may have a parasite so proper treatment may be given.

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