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Pet Health for the New Year

Many of us reflect on what we would like to change in the New Year to make our lives healthier. Loosing weight, being more active, feeling better, etc. But what about your pets?  You may not know what to do to help your pet’s health. Many of our pets can benefit from having some New Year’s resolutions, as well, to help them have a better lifestyle! Here are a few ideas for resolutions for you and your pet in the new year.

Extra Food Equals Extra Weight

One of the biggest New Year resolutions is to loose weight. Talk to your vet to see if your dog or cat is in the range of ideal weight for him/her. Many pets are not. Your vet may recommend a different diet or measuring their food. Most pet owners just eyeball their pet’s food, but this easily leads to over serving your pet.  It’s a simple step but it’s simply effective. If you are not sure how much you should be feeding your pet, most brands of food have recommendations for how much to feed your pet on the bag. You may also want to check the contents of what you are feeding for pet. All foods have different levels of fat and protein. Having a fatty diet may be adding on the extra weight to you dog or cat.

Treats and table scraps are also overlooked.  How many treats you give your pet and if they are given table scraps adds on extra calories. Extras like treats need to be accounted as part of your pet’s daily intake. Check with your vet to make sure that the type of tab;e scraps you are giving them are a healthy choice.

New in the New

People have the need to try new and different things. Dogs and cats may get bored with the same thing every day as well. Make it a point to do something to break up your everyday routine. Once a month or once a week, doing a new activity gives you something different to engage in and your dog a new place to see, smell and explore. Best of all – you’ll both get exercise! It’s a win-win situation. Not only will this help with exercise of the body but the mind as well.

The Root of the Issue


Severe canine dental disease.

Do you notice a funky smell coming from your pet? It could be coming from your pets mouth. Dental disease is one of the top issues dogs and cats are seen for. Help them keep their teeth strong and healthy by brushing his or her teeth once a day. Some specialized treats can also help with cutting down on tooth decay and potential tooth loss. Make all the mouths in your home a priority in the new year and keep the dentist away! Dental disease can be spread to the vital organs of the body causing damage and and other health issues. Organs that can be affected by bad teeth are:

  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Liver

Update Info

In the new year, update your pet’s information with veterinarian. This includes verifying the correct contact information on your dog’s license or microchip, replacing old dog tags and verifying your animal’s immunization record are up to date.

6 Month Check Up?

Keeping up with your appointments is an important part of staying healthy. Whether your physician or your vet, visiting a doctor helps establish your baseline health and helps your doctor know if anything has dramatically changed since your last appointment. Making sure to make and keep your appointments will help both you and your dog live long, healthy and happy lives. The doctor may recommend that older pets been seen at least twice a year to keep on top of possible health issues.

Any questions on what sort of goals you should set for your pet can be discussed with your vet. The staff at Adams County Animal Hospital is dedicated in making sure your pet is happy and healthy! Call us today at 303-429-9719 to schedule your appointment.

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