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September Newsletter

Adams County Animal Hospital

Serving the Arvada Community for over 50 yrs.

Sept 2015 Newsletter

Featured Pet of the month



Anyone who has visited the clinic more than a few times has probably gotten a glance at Blaze. She is a 4 yr. old Border Collie belonging to Dr. Berman. She accompanies him to the clinic regularly and loves to get plenty of attention! Like all Border Collies, she is very active and energetic. Even though she is an “adult” dog, she is still prone to getting into things when unattended, but who can get mad at this sweet girl?!


Pet Product – Nexgard©



Our flea and tick prevention in a chewable beef flavored tablet! No more oily hair or struggle to get your pet to eat a capsule. More information here – http://www.nexgardfordogs.com


“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. ”    -Roger Caras


Animal Pain Awareness

clip_image002How do you know if your pet is in pain? The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management lists some of the symptoms of pain in cats and dogs. There are different types of pain, Chronic and Acute. Acute pain, such as from an injured limb or wound, is more obvious, while Chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis, may be easily overlooked. Some of the symptoms to watch for include:

Common Signs of Pain in Dogs

  • Decreased social interaction
  • Anxious expression
  • Submissive behavior
  • Refusal to move
  • Whimpering
  • Howling
  • Growling
  • Guarding behavior
  • Aggression; biting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Self-mutilation (chewing)
  • Changes in posture

 Common Signs of Pain in Cats

  • Reduced activity
  • Loss of appetite
  • Quiet/loss of curiosity
  • Changes in urinary/defecation habits
  • Hiding
  • Hissing or spitting
  • Lack of agility/jumping
  • Excessive licking/grooming
  • Stiff posture/gait
  • Guarding behavior
  • Stops grooming/matted fur
  • Tail flicking
  • Weight loss

Check out their website: www.ivapm.org or call us today to learn how to alleviate your pets’ pain.  (303) 429-9719


Sept 28 – World Rabies Awareness Day



Responsible Pet Ownership Days

The American Kennel Club prompts animal lovers to sign up for the “Pet Promise”. They demonstrate that owning an animal, specifically a dog, is much more than just feeding and housing it. Besides providing medical care, in addition to sufficient home care, they also site proper training and exercise as important to being a responsible owner. To sign up for the pet promise or to find an event near you, visit http://www.akc.org/events/responsible-dog-ownership-days/

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