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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services
Veterinary Clinic
Exotic Animal Vet

Broomfield Veterinarian Medical Care

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Surgical Services for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Exotic Pets
  • In-hospital Blood Analyzers, Radiography, Advanced Pulse Oximetry/ECG
  • Blood Pressure Anesthesia Monitors, Video Otoscopy (for ears), Radiofrequency Electrosurgery, Fluid Therapy Pumps, Isolation Ward, and Intensive Care

Emergency Services & 24 Hour Care

Adams County Animal Hospital offers full emergency care during our extensive office hours. After hours we partner with two emergency hospitals to provide 24-hour coverage of emergencies. Our critical care patients can be transported to emergency hospitals after we close on evenings, Sundays and holidays.

Boarding: Veterinary-Supervised Boarding Services

You never have to worry about leaving your pet for boarding. Rest assured that qualified professionals are caring for your pet while you're away.

Expert Grooming

Come in and see the difference when a Master Groomer works her magic. It's a fun, gentle, and compassionate day at the beauty parlor.